Splash! Putty Jars
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SPD1212 Splash! Putty Jars 5:30 Set Time Regular Wild Berry Scent
SPD1235 Splash! Half-Time Putty Jars 2:45 Set Time Wild Berry Scent


Splash! Putty Jars

Splash! putty is a heavy viscosity super-hydrophilic VPS impression material available in either putty jar or putty pak configuration. Putty is a deep purple color and pairs well as a tray material with a Lite or Extra Lite wash material. Putty Jars include enough base and catalyst material to make 500 ml of impression material. Putty is Wild Berry flavored and all boxes include mixing spoons.

Key Splash! Features

2 set times for any procedure. Super fast Half Time set of 2:45 is ideal for 1-2 unit cases while longer Regular set (5:30) allows more time for full arch or two-step impression techniques.
Low contact angle guarantees an accurate pour-up for perfect results.
High tear strength means margins won't rip upon removal from mouth.
Delicious Wild Berry flavor reduces gag reflex and patient discomfort.
High-dimensional stability enables multiple pours and exceptional detail reproduction indefinitely.

Kit Options
Splash! Putty Jars: Set Time 5:30
Splash! Half-Time Putty Jars: Set Time 2:45
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SPD1212 Regular Putty SPD1235 Regular Putty
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