Part Product Description
SPD1414 Gripper Tray Anterior
SPD1541 Gripper Tray Sideless Tray
SPD1415 Gripper Tray Posterior
SPD1418 Gripper Tray Full Arch Medium
SPD1416 Gripper Tray 3/4 Arch
SPD1417 Gripper Tray Full Arch Large


Gripper Super Rigid Bite Trays

The Gripper features a revolutionary hybrid construction which fuses metal and plastic for ultimate rigidity — making it ideal for all VPS impression applications — without sacrificing patient comfort.

Each Gripper features an ergonomic shape for superior placement and comfort, along with rigid side walls and a soft-lined mesh for exceptional accuracy. The easy grip, matte finish handle can be written on for easy patient identification and date recording. Available in an assortment of dual arch impression trays.

Kit Options
The Gripper
Product Item
SPD1414 Anterior
SPD1415 Posterior
SPD1416 3/4 Arch
SPD1417 Full Arch Large
SPD1418 Full Arch
SPD1541 Sideless Tray