Sapphire Portable Diode Laser
Part Product Description
043980822-1 Sapphire Portable Power Cord
043980821-1 Sapphire Plug-In Power Cord
033980000-0 Sapphire Soft Tissue Management Plug-In
033981000-0 PROMO! Sapphire Soft Tissue Management Portable System
033980028-0 Sapphire Diode Laser Tips (25pc)
043980902-1 Sapphire Diode Laser Sleeves (25pc)
033980027-0 Sapphire Laser Kit Glasses (3pc)
033980025-0 Kit Footswitch STM


You can't afford to practice without it.

Compact. Easy-to-use. Affordable. The Sapphire Portable Diode Laser makes the benefits of laser dentistry available to more patients than ever before. Bring this powerful technology to your practice and do more procedures with faster healing for your patients.

The ideal laser for both a first-time user and the seasoned dental laser practice.
3 watts continuous wave output, with 5 watts peak pulse power, 808 nm wavelength.
Disposable tips – Perform more procedures in less time without having to strip or cleave.
Portable – move between operatories without having to plug the unit into the wall.
Two options for laser activation: finger-touch control or optional foot pedal

Diode lasers have revolutionized the way clinicians perform dentistry, providing the following advantages:

Minimal bleeding
Minimal post-operative discomfort for the patient
Predictable results
No gingival recession
Added precision
Faster healing (than electrocautery)
No tissue scaring
Less anesthesia required
Great patient acceptance
Treats periodontal disease
Simple to implement and use
Immediate return on investment

Each DenMat diode laser purchased (in the US and Canada) includes an 8-unit CE online training course through Advanced Laser Training

Kit Options
Sapphire Portable Diode Laser
Product Item
033981000-0 Sapphire Portable Diode Laser
Each complete packaged system is composed of the following items:
(1) Sapphire ST Portable Diode Laser unit
(1) Sapphire ST Portable Laser Handpiece
(3) Protective Glasses – Laser Safety appropriate for 808 nm 3W lasers
(5) Disposable, single-use 400µm Sapphire Portable Diode Laser Fiberoptic Tips, 5 pc package
(1) Auxiliary Power Supply
(1) Sapphire ST Portable Diode Laser Owner’s Manual
(1) Sapphire ST Portable Diode Laser Instructions for Use (IFU)
(1) Safety Sign
(1) Warranty Information
(1) System outer packaging
(1) Protective packaging insert(s) for portable unit and handpiece
(1) Disposable handpiece barrier sleeves, 25 pc