Precision Putty Paks
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SPD1514 Precision Putty Pak Wild Berry Flavor Regular Putty


Precision Putty Paks

Precision putty is a premium heavy viscosity VPS impression material. Putty is a deep purple color and pairs well as a tray material with a Lite or Extra Lite wash materlal. Putty paks come in individually wrapped quadrant doses which are easy to use, store and dispense. Simply peel back the lid, fold the pak in half squeezing base and catalyst together and begin mixing.

Key Precision Features

  • Moisture displacement actually moves blood and saliva out of the tooth's sulcus capturing minute marginal detail instantaneously.
  • Thermally activated set time responds to body heat within the mouth increasing clinician control.
  • Delicious Wild Berry flavor reduces gag reflex and patient discomfort.
  • High-dimensional stability enables multiple pours and exceptional detail reproduction indefinitely.
  • Individually wrapped putty packs are convenient and support operatory infection control.

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Precision Putty Pak
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SPD1514 Regular Putty
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