Part Product Description
034339145 LUMIBRITE 22% MINT Take Home Kit
034349145 LUMIBRITE 22% FRUIT Take Home Kit
034359145 LUMIBRITE 16% MINT Take Home Kit
034369145 LUMIBRITE 16% FRUIT Take Home Kit
034139145 LUMIBRITE 32% MINT Take Home Kit
034239145 LUMIBRITE 32% FRUIT Take Home Kit
034338725 LUMIBRITE 22% Mint Take Home Refill Dispenser Kit
034348725 LUMIBRITE 22% Fruit Take Home Refill Dispenser Kit
034358725 LUMIBRITE 16% Mint Take Home Refill Dispenser Kit
034368725 LUMIBRITE 22% Fruit Take Home Refill Dispenser Kit
034138725 LUMIBRITE 32% Mint Take Home Refill Dispenser Kit
034238725 LUMIBRITE 32% Fruit Take Home Refill Dispenser Kit
040358210 Mouthguard Case LUMIBRITE, Clear


LUMIBRITE - Discover the best value in take-home whitening

No other professional whitening system delivers the results and and value that LUMIBRITE does. Beautifully priced, LUMIBRITE is the best solution for your patients' whitening needs.

LUMIBRITE delivers maximum whitening results with minimal sensitivity

You can rely on the LUMIBRITE name to provide quick results with minimal sensitivity. Your patients will be amazed with the comfort and whitening results that Lumibrite delivers.

Patient compliance is a breeze!

With simple take-home tray protocol patients will be able to quickly and easily whiten their teeth. Choose either 16%, 22% or 32% concentrations in mint or fruit flavors to meet the specific needs and preferences of your patients.

Universal appeal

Quick and convenient LUMIBRITE Take-Home is a pleasant option for your regular recall patients and those with LUMINEERS or veneers. At-home whitening systems are proven to effect a color change on tooth structure underlying veneers, making LUMIBRITE Take-Home the optimum choice for any patient.

Kit Options
Professional Take Home Whitening System
Refill Kits
Product Item Product Item
034349145 22% Fruit 034348725 22% Fruit
034339145 22% Mint 034338725 22% Mint
034239145 32% Fruit 034238725 32% Fruit
034139145 32% Mint 034138725 32% Mint
034369145 16% Fruit 034368625 16% Fruit
034359145 16% Mint 034358625 16% Mint