Finishing Kit


LUMINEERS Finishing Kit

This finishing system is specially designed for LUMINEERS placement. However, it’s a great set of tools for any laminate placement. This allinclusive kit makes finishing quicker and much smoother than other tools on the market today. Each tool is specifically designed to finish the laminate surface and interproximals without causing the patient pain or damaging the laminates. You’ll wonder why you’ve lived without this system for so long.

LUMINEERS Finishing Kit contains
LUMINEERS Diamond and Bur Block
  • Fluted burs and fine-tapered diamond burs are specifically designed to allow you to finish the margins.
  • 0856016: Used to remove the porcelain ledge
  • 858EF014: An extra-fine diamond used to smooth out the porcelain
  • H246LUF012: This bur is traditionally used to finish composites; it’s great for cleaning up any left-over Ultra-Bond® resin cement.
  • 8379018: A football-shaped diamond used on the lingual to finish the incisal wrap
  • 8392016: Known as the “mosquito” diamond, it gets in between the interproximals for shaping
  • 12 fluted bur
CeriSaw and CeriSander

These tools are particularly useful for interproximal finishing of multiple laminates and separating fused composite restorations. The ideal handle allows for easy manipulation of the thin blades that give you total control to prevent accidental slips and injury. Designed for fast, easy-to-use, interproximal finishing, the CeriSaw and CeriSander are safe and more comfortable for the patient than traditional disc and strip systems.

Schure 349

Placement instrument for removing excess resin cement. This instrument will not harm the porcelain surface.

Polishing Paste

LUMINEERS is a work of art! Let them shine by finishing the case with a smooth polish.

Kit Options
LUMINEERS Finishing Kit
Product Item
033897100 LUMINEERS Finishing Kit
Each Kit Contains:
LUMINEERS Diamond and Bur Block
Schure 349 Instrument
Porcelain Laminate Polishing Paste sy 5g
CeriSaw and CeriSander handles 1ea
CeriSaw Anterior blades 10 pc
CeriSander fine strips 6 pc
CeriSander ultra-fine strips 6 pc
Syringe Tips 18G/10 pc